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Why do you need cash advance?

You will have to wait two workings days to get money from your sold securities but you need cash before that time to buy more securities or withdraw/transfer money for other purposes.

EzAdvance is an online instrument for you to get online cash advance before your proceeds come to your account.

How does FPTS’s EzAdvance work?

EzAdvance is composed of advance of proceeds and advance of cash dividend.

Advance of proceeds from securities sold:

Immediately after your securities selling order (except for put-through trading) is executed, the proceeds (after being withheld for settlement of transaction fees and tax) will be automatically credited to the cash balance on your account. At the end of the trading day, the FPTS system will automatically execute the advance of proceeds of sold securities equal to the value of money you have used in excess of cash available on the account. On the payment date of the securities selling order, FPTS will automatically take back the money you got in advance. It is so simple! You don't need to do any procedures to repay your advanced money!

√ Cash dividend advance

If you hold the rights to receive cash dividend, after the rights distribution date is set by the issuing company and announced by the Vietnam Securities Depository, you will be able to get an advance of such dividend for use. With this type of advance, you will need to operate on our EzTrade system or make a phone call to our Custody and Shareholding Management Department for assistance.

On the due date of dividend payment, FPTS will automatically take back the money you got in advance.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the EzAdvance User Guide - Online Cash and Dividend Advance Service.