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Customer Service
Account Opening Instructions for Individual Customers

* Vietnamese individual customers

Customers bring Identity/Citizenship Card (valid original) to the FPTS Offices to sign the Securities Trading Account Opening Agreement.

They can also register account opening information online in advance from our EzOpen - an online account opening service. After completing online account opening procedures, they will go to the FPTS Offices to sign the Account Opening Agreement

- For detailed instructions on EzOpen usage, please click here.

* Foreign individual customers

Foreign customers need to prepare all necessary documents and follow instructions below to open an account:


Valid copy* is referred to a notarized copy certified by competent authorities in the home country and legalized in consular legalization by competent authorities of Vietnam (The notarized, certified documents must have the validity of no more than one year dated from the date on which foreign investors send the documents to depository members.)

To see FPTS Offices, please click here.

Account Opening Instructions for Institutional Customers

* Vietnamese institutional customers

Necessary documents include:

* Foreign institutional customers

Foreign institutional customers need to prepare following documents to apply for securities trading code to open an account:

To see FPTS Offices, please click here.