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Do you have ready cash on your securities trading account but you do not have an intention of making short-term investments? You need a higher interest rate than the demand rate on your trading account; as far as we are concerned, FPTS will assist you to meet your requirements with EzSaving service.

How does EzSaving work?

EzSaving is an online service for domestic individual and institutional customers who are willing to lend their available money from securities trading accounts in order to earn interest.

With outstanding features such as early, partial or full settlement of the loan, you may flexibly use your interest-carrying capital without having to transfer money from your securities account to the bank and transfer your money from the bank to your trading account when you need to buy securities.

Besides, the loan to FPTS is still used to calculate buying power like the cash balance, which helps you trade more conveniently.

FPTS also develops other features such as customized naming to each loan contract, enabling you to search it more easily.

For more detailed information, please see the EzSaving Service User Guide.