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Customer Service

Direct custody at FPTS

Customers can go to the Custody and Shareholding Management Counter at FPTS to have their securities deposited.

  1. The necessary documents include
  • Stock Certificate (original copy).
  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport (valid original), applied to individual customers
  • Business Registration Certificate (notarized photographic copy) and Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport (photographic copy) of legal representative, applied to institutional customers
  • Securities Custody Form (provided by FPTS)
  • In the event that the date of issue on the Stock Certificate or at the issuing organization is different from that on the securities account opened at FPTS, please use the Securities Custody Form with Adjusted Date of Issue.
  • Power of Attorney: 01 copy
  1. Steps

* Note:

- Customers need to open a securities transaction account before depositing their securities.