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Custody via post service

Custody via post service

If customers cannot arrange a visit to FPTS, they can send securities custody documents to FPTS Head Office, Branches and Transaction Offices via post service.

Documents include:

  • Stock Certificate (original copy)
  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport (valid original): Applicable to individual customer
  • Business Registration Certificate (notarized copy): Applicable to institutional customer
  • Securities Custody Form 06A: 03 copies
  • Securities Custody Form with Adjusted Date of Issue 06B: 03 copies (In the event that the date of issue on the Stock Certificate or at the issuing organization is different from that on the securities account opened at FPTS)

To see the address for receiving the documents, please click here.

FPTS will perform securities custody procedures and notify the customer of the result in three working days from the date of receipt of valid documents

* NoteFPTS shall bear no responsibility to the misplacement of documents in transit via post.