HOTLINE : 1900 6446

Customer Service
  1. Cash Transaction Time:
  • From Monday to Friday:
    • Morning:    08:00 - 11:00
    • Afternoon: 13:00 - 16:00

Note: Deposits into/transfers from FPTS accounts after 4:00 pm of business days or after the time FPTS finalizes the advance value shall not be validated to make a reduction to the advance value made in the day.

  1. Order-placing methods
  • At FPTS Trading Floors

Step 1: Take Order Forms at the FPTS Trading Floors

Step 2: Fill in required information and undersign the Order Forms

Step 3: Hand over the Order Forms to FPTS brokers

Step 4: Receive the customer copy of Order Forms from FPTS brokers

  • Via telephone

Applied to customers using Token Card - a user authentication device

Step 1: Call to one of the following telephone number:

  • 19006446, Line 1

Step 2: Provide the following information in the sequential order to FPTS brokers:

  • Account number
  • Accountholder’s full name
  • Type of order (Buying, Selling, Cancellation, Modification)
  • Securities symbol
  • Number of securities to be transacted
  • Price rate
  • Password generated by Token Card - a user authentication device.

Via Internet - EzTrade, and EzMobileTrading application.

- The time of receiving orders at FPTS starts from 19:00 of the trading days in the week. The order that is placed out of the trading time of the Stock Exchanges will be made Pending Order. 

Step 1: Access the EzTrade address and EzMobileTrading application

Step 2: Enter user name and login password

Step 3: To execute the transaction, customers must fill in all required information on the Order Form and enter the trading authentication code (SMS OTP/Email OTP/ Smart OTP) or auto-generated password on Token Card - a user authentication device.

Step 4: Send the order

  1. Account opening

Customers go to FPTS Trading Floors to open a securities transaction account. They are required to bring with the following papers:

  • For Vietnamese individual customers: Valid original identity card
  • For Vietnamese institutional customers:
    • Photographic copy of business establishment/registration certificate
    • Photographic copy of identity card/citizenship card of the legal representative
    • Photographic copy of tax code registration paper
    • Notarized copy of the Decision on Appointment of Director/Chief Accountant (if any)