HOTLINE : 1900 6446

Customer Service
Withdrawing/Transferring Money at FPTS Head Office, Branches and Transaction Offices

♦ Working Hours

  • From Money to Friday (except for holidays)
    • Morning: 08:00 - 11:30
    • Afternoon: 13:00 - 16:00

♦ Locations

To withdraw/transfer money, you need to go to FPTS Head Office, Branches and Transaction Offices to perform transactions.

To see the FPTS business location, please click here.

♦ Documents include:

Individual customer

Institutional customer

  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport: Valid original copy;
  • Money Withdrawal/Transfer Form
  • Power of attorney (clearly stating full name, Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport No.  of the attorney, content of scope of authorization: To perform money withdrawal/transfer order);
  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport of the attorney: Valid original copy;
  • Money Withdrawal/Transfer Form undersigned and sealed by the accountholder

♦ Note

If you intend to withdraw from VND1 billion onwards in Hanoi and from VND500 million onwards in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang City, you should please contact the FPTS Customer Service Department or the Transaction Accountant Department at least one hour in the working day for cash preparation for quick and convenient service for you.

♦ For more information, please contact:

- Hanoi City

  • Customer service: 19006446, Line 1
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446; ext. 6207/6206/6205

- Ho Chi Minh City

  • Customer service: 19006446, Line 1
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446; ext. 9293/9207

- Danang City

  • Customer service: 19006446; ext. 686
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446; ext. 669.



Transferring Money Online Using EzTransfer Service

♦ Step 1: Log in EzTransfer Online Money Transfer

After logging into the EzTrade Online Trading Service, select “Money Transfer” menu and then select “Money Transfer

♦ Step 2: Enter information into money transfer order

Use mouse pointer or Tab key on the keyboard to move between fields in the money transfer order:

- Amount: Enter the value you want to transfer (Note: No space, comma or period is allowed between digits)

- Information of beneficiary (Account number, name of beneficiary, beneficiary bank)

  • If you want to create and save “Money Transfer Form”, please refer to the Instruction on Creating Money Transform Form here.
  • If you do not use Token Card - a user authentication device,click on “Create Money Transfer Form” and select forms you have created and saved. You cannot enter the information of beneficiary on this money transfer window.

  • If you use the Token Card:
    • Click on “Select Money Transfer Form” and select the forms you have created and saved; 
    • Or you can enter the account information of the beneficiary

Enter the money transfer order information

 Select the Money Transfer Forms

- Money transfer content: No diacritic, no special characters (!, @, #, $, %, ^,&,*,.,?, /, \, etc.) is allowed.

Note: When you transfer money to exercise the share purchase rights, deposit pledged money to buy shares in an auction, settle tax payment or pay service charges, you need to enter the content as instructed by FPTS.

- Click "Submit" to complete the information declaration or click “Reset” to clear all information you have entered.

♦ Step 3: Confirm the money transfer order

- You essentially recheck the information on the Money Transfer Form

- Enter the trading password into the password box (this password is also used for securities trading)

- Click “Submit” to complete the money transfer order placement.

  • If you enter a wrong password, your money transfer order will not be executed.

  • If your money transfer order is successfully executed, the system will pop up the following dialogue.

  • The money transferred plus its transfer fee will be blocked for settlement.

         (View “Money in transit” column in Account Management/Cash Balance menu

♦ Note

  • You can place the order to transfer only Vietnamese dong, the Vietnamese official currency.
  • All customers using the EzTransfer Service can place orders to transfer money to FPTS’s accounts to exercise the rights to buy shares in a seasoned issue, place security deposits for share auction, and settle tax and any fees arising from stock transactions.
  • If you are a foreign investor, you can only transfer money to your named Bank Account for Share Investment opened at a commercial bank.
  • You can place the money transfer order at anytime, anywhere.
    • Orders placed prior to 16:00 will be executed in the same day.
    • Orders placed after 16:00, on holidays or weekends will be executed on the next working day.
  • FPTS takes no responsibility in the event that you gave incorrect information, which leads to the bank’s refusal to the transaction. In this case, you will be still responsible for settling transaction fee payable (if any)
  • FPTS only plays an intermediary role in collecting the money transfer fee which is set by the transferring bank.
  • The EzTransfer money transfer free may be revised from time to time by banks. Please click here to see the current fee rates.