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Instruction on EzSaving - Investors-Lend-FPTS Service

Customers register EzSaving at physical FPTS Counters or online at EzTrade (follow the instructions here). After completing of signing the EzSaving Service Contract, they may use it via EzTrade web-based trading platform and EzMobileTrading application.

Lending to FPTS

Step 1: Login to EzTrade → Money Transaction → Lending - EzSaving

Step 2: Enter the information on the screen based on your lending needs:

- Lending amount (minimum VND10,000,000)

- Term (month)

- Maturity method: There are 2 options:

  • Auto-repayment: the loan contract will automatically expire at the maturity date.
  • Auto-renewal: the loan contract will be automatically renewed at its maturity date, then Customers may continue to choose the Renewal method and Principal Interest: either renew both principal and interest or Interest returned to their account: extend only the principal amount.


- Customers may customize their nicknames for each loan contract, enabling them to search it more easily

- Interest rate table by term and early repayment one are pre-tax interest, individual customers will be subject to 5% capital gains tax on interest received (according to the Law on Personal Income Tax)

- Maturity date: the first working day of FPTS following the end of the loan term

Step 3: Click “Submit” and confirm Trading password

Make repayment of the loan

Step 1: Click Money TransactionLoan repayment

- Customers may view all valid loan contracts and the total amount of their loan on this screen.


- Customers can settle partly or fully their loan at any time.

- Interest rate for early repayment will be calculated using the Interest Rate Table for early repayment (shown on the EzSaving screen) and based on the actual lending days of the contract.

Step 2: Select the Contract that you want to Settle, choose the type of repayment (Partial or Full), enter the amount and confirm Trading Password


- Customers may make a loan transaction/loan repayment from 0:00 to 16:00 working days

- For contracts to maturity date, our system will automatically expire/renew at 7:00 working days

Lookup List of Loan Contracts

- Customers may see loan contracts (both valid and expired) on the screen “Money transaction\List of loan contracts

- Conditions of the loan contract include:

  • In effect
  • Settled: the contract is settled ahead of time (by Customers or FPTS)
  • Expired includes the following cases:

   + The contract with the Maturity Method including Auto-Repayment and reached its expiration date

   + The contract with the Maturity Method including Auto-Renewal but Interest Rate Table does not have the corresponding term at the time of renewal, the contract will expire

- Customers may see details about each contract by clicking on it:

  • Principal and interest payment history: Customers may see detailed information about principal and interest payments for each repayment, renewal and maturity.
  • Loan renewal history: Customers may see detailed information about each loan renewal like lending amount and interest rate.