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Instruction on selecting Self-trading

Customers who actively trade securities without the assistance of investment consultants can select Self-trading to optimize transaction fees (refer to the trading tariff at FPTS here). After choosing Self-trading method, if you continue to use in-depth investment advisory services, you can select and register the most suitable Consultant via EzAdvisorSelect of FPTS (A fee-based investment advisory service of FPTS).

Sefl-trading can use simply on securities trading account, please following the instructions below:

1. For customers using EzTrade

Step 1. Log in to Eztrade and select Investment Advisory

Step 2. Select Management of Female Accounts and Self-trading

Step 3. Select Self-trading tariff and confirm your transaction password

2. For customers using EzMobileTrading

Please follow the steps below:


  • If you choose Self-trading before 19:00 on T0 day, the new fee will take effect from the next working day (T+1). If you choose Self-trading after 19:00 or on a holiday, the new fee will take effect from the next working day (T+2).

  • Customers will be self-sufficient in the transaction process without the support of consultants. Please dial 1900 6446, press 1 for FPTS’s Customer Service Department if you need our assistances.