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Information Disclosure and EzIR Solution

1. Benefits

- Make sure that the company’s information disclosure is lawful: FPTS’ consultants directly advise the customer company to build information disclosure statute, prompt periodical information disclosure, disclose extraordinary/irregular information, and update latest regulations on information disclosure applied to companies listed on the securities market.

- Save time, cost and personnel for information disclosure: Customer companies are quickly explained and provided with necessary forms as well as tools to actively publish information on their websites so as to promptly tackle emerging issues from information disclosure.

- Increase the chance of branding via EzIR – Corporate information, Investment chance Portal:

  • Information announced by the company is widely known to the investor community (more than 200,000 investors are trading through FPTS) in a well-designed information portal where unlimited information of the company, including reports, financial and nonfinancial data and stock information, is updated timely and precisely;
  • The company’s logo is advertised on FPTS’ homepage which is visited more than 90,000 visitors a day.

2. Services

- Advise on information disclosure

- Provide an instrument for customers to disclose information on EzIR – Corporate information, Investment chance and enable them to affiliate their investor relations page to this Portal if they wish

- Support for customers to disclose bilingual information in English - Vietnamese to ensure quick and timely transmission of information to shareholders and foreign investors

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