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Financial Forecast

Financial forecasting is the estimation of financial indicators of a company in a given period in time in the future and is an important factor of success for any company. A detailed financial plan demonstrates how will the company attracts the interest of investors who bring funds to the company. Moreover, reasonable financial forecasts will help the company effectively manage its operations, actively make business plans, resourcefully control cash flows, and essentially support corporate governance. Financial forecast is the foundation for the company to:

  • Build a clear path to reach the target
  • Increase confidence and the chance of success in mobilization funding
  • Estimate what resources are necessary for operation and when those resources are used

FPTS provides your company with an excellent, effective financial forecasting service, produced by our top-notch dedicated specialists and professionals who graduated from first-class domestic and foreign financial universities and have gained profound professional experience during their service for international and Vietnamese financial institutions.

Using our financial forecasting service, your company will save time and cost and achieve best forecast results in the following key aspects:

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