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Withdrawing Money from Margin Collateral Account at VSD to Derivative Securities Trading Account at FPTS

1. Withdraw money from the Cash Counter at the FPTS Head Office/Branches/Transaction Offices

♦ Working Hours

  • From Money to Friday (except for holidays)
    • Morning: 08:00 - 11:30
    • Afternoon: 13:00 - 15:55

♦ Locations

To deposit money, you need to go to FPTS Head Office/Branches to perform transactions.

To see the FPTS business locations, please click here.

Documents include

Individual customer

Institutional customer

  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport: Valid original copy;
  • Money Transfer Form
  • Power of attorney (clearly stating full name, Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport No.  of the attorney, content of scope of authorization: To perform money transfer order);
  • Identity Card/Citizenship Card/Passport of the attorney: Valid original copy;
  • Money Transfer Form

2.Withdraw money online

  • Log in using your account
  • Click on Services Board/Derivatives Trading/Money Transfer/Margin Money Transaction
  • Select type of transaction and enter the value of money you need to transfer:
    • Type of transaction: Withdraw money from VSDC margin collateral to FPTS derivative account;
    • Amount: Enter the digit-string value of the money you want to transfer (less than the maximum transferable value)).
  • Click Apply to complete the transaction

♦ Note:

- Time for online money transfer: 00:00-15:55 on working days

- To minimize margin asset management fee at VSDC, FPTS recommends you withdraw all your margin collateral at VSDC to the derivative account or keep margin collateral balance at least VND1 million.