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Transferring Money from Your Bank Account to Derivative Account at FPTS

You can transfer money from your bank account to derivative account at FPTS in one of two following ways:

  1. Transfer money online via banks

You can transfer money swiftly and easily via online channels of banks

The list of bank accounts of FPTS for receiving money for derivative securities trading is available here.

The following banks are offering online money transfer.

  • Ngân hàng BIDV
  • Ngân hàng Tienphongbank
  1. Establish a standing order for money transfer at the bank counter

Fill in the standing order information as follows:

  • Name of beneficiary, account number of beneficiary, at bank (please refer to the list of bank accounts from here)
  • Money deposit content: Transfer money into <Derivative account number of customer> of <full name of accountholder>

♦ Note:

- Money deposit content: You need to write down accurate information: Account number (11 digits) and full name of the holder of derivative securities trading account at FPTS in the following syntax:

“Nop tien vao TK CKPS so <derivative securities account number> cua <accountholder’s full name>"

        Example: Nop tien vao TK CKPS so 058C123456F cua Nguyen Van A 

- Time for transaction processing: In case your money is credited into your account at FPTS by the bank at the service after 16:30 in working days or at weekends or on public holidays, your money will be credited into your securities transaction account in the next working day.

- You need to send your request for transaction check in the following cases:

  • Write down insufficient/wrong information about securities account number and/or the full name of the account holder in the money deposit content section
  • Deposit/transfer money into other specialized accounts of FPTS (share auction, shareholder rights exercising, etc.)

In the above cases, your account will not be automatically credited by FPTS. You need to send your request for transaction check. Instruction on Transaction Check, please click here.

♦ For more information, please contact:

- Hanoi City

  • Customer service: 19006446
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446, ext. 6207/6206/6205

- Ho Chi Minh City

  • Customer service: 19006446, ext. 8702/8703/8705/8706/8707/8708
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446, ext. 9293/9207

- Danang City

  • Customer service: 19006446, ext. 686
  • Transaction accountant: 19006446, ext. 669.