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Instruction on EzStopLoss - Online Service for Buying/Selling Securities at Predetermined Price

I. Introduction

EzStopLoss is an instrument enabling every customer who already registered to use the online securities trading service to place an order in advance with several conditions predefined by customers. When the order meets predefined conditions, it will be automatically activated by the FPTS system before being forwarded to the Stock Exchanges. With the given price, customers can place a selling order to lock in profit, stop loss, or to purchase at an expected price.

Note: EzStopLoss is only allowed in the underlying market and applied to purchase/sale of shares, fund certificates or warrants.

II. General regulations

- A stop-loss order will be activated when it satisfies both criteria at the same time:

  • The reference price of a stock satisfies the conditions predefined by customers;
  • The predefined price is in the range from the floor (daily lower limit) price to the ceiling (daily upper limit) price.

- The time of checking stop-loss orders is the same as the time FPTS checks ordinary orders for the next trading date (usually at 19:00 of the current date). Thus, any order placed after this point of time is checked for conditions in the next trading date.

- The stop-loss order will be executed only once in three months. Thus, after being activated and not traded or not fully traded for any reason, the order will be voided.

- The stop-loss order can be cancelled any time before it is activated. After it is activated by the FPTS system, it will be treated as an ordinary buying/selling order and it can be modified/cancelled.

- Order-activating conditions and predefined price will not be adjusted in case stock prices are adjusted on ex-date. For this reason, you are recommended to pay attention to corporate actions of the target stock before and after placing the stop-loss order.

- After the order is activated, if your cash balance/stock balance is not sufficient for the order or the price is out of the daily price range, it will be annulled.

III. Service instruction

1. Placing a stop-loss order

In EzTrade, select Special Transaction, then Place Stop-loss Order, or navigate to the Services Board to choose the service.

- On the EzStopLoss screen, select the type of the order you want to place and fill in the order information.

  • Order activation conditions: Set conditions for the reference price of the selected stock.
  • Execution Order: Set execution price when order conditions are activated.
  • Added order: After you click on “Add” button, the order will be forwarded to the Added Order section beneath.
  • After adding the order, enter the trading password to “Send Order”.
  • You can check your placed orders in the Stoploss Order History.


  • If you choose the ceiling/upper limit price or the floor/lower limit price, the FPTS system will automatically take the ceiling/floor price of the trading day on which the stop-loss order is activated.
  • After entering the price-activated condition, the highest price and the lowest price, which correspond to the ceiling price and the floor price, will be prompted for your quick reference only (because it is only based on the calculation of price-activated conditions).

2. View Stop-loss Order History

You can navigate to the Stop-loss Order History in the Stop-loss Order Placing Screen or to Special Transaction/Stop-loss Order History in EzTrade.

- You can choose the time frame to view your stop-loss orders.

- Order status:

  • Pending: The order is pending for activation.
  • Successful: The order was successfully activated.
  • Cancelled: The order was already cancelled.
  • Expired: After three months without no activation, the order will be expired.

- You can export Stop-loss Order History to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF files for convenient reference.

- You can cancel the order by click on the delete icon (x) on the order you want to cancel (only to applied to pending orders).